HPU Accuplacer Proctor Approval Form

Thank you for applying to proctor the HPU online placement test. When the application is approved, you will receive via email detailed test administration instructions, login information, and a password. Please fill out completely the form below. If you have questions regarding this form or online placement testing policies, please contact the HPU Center for Academic Success.

PH: (808) 544-9334
By submitting this application I accept the following terms:
1. All administration instructions and proctor guidelines are followed.
2. The test is administered in a suitable testing environment (basic requirements: computer with internet access in a quiet environment).
3. Testing site must be an institution (e.g. school, library, etc.). Cannot be the student's or proctor's residence or any private home.
4. Accuplacer tests materials, login codes, and passwords are not copied, re-used, or distributed.
5. The proctor's email must be an institution email (e.g. school, library, etc.). Cannot be a Free email account (e.g. HOTMAIL, YAHOO).
Accuplacer Proctor Approval Form
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HPU Center for Academic Success: assessment@hpu.edu